Printable Coupons

Coupons are documents or tickets that manufacturers or retailers of the consumer packaged products use as part of their sales promotions in various retail store. Coupons are mostly distributed through coupon envelopes, mail, newspapers, magazines, the internet, mobile devices and by giving them straight to consumers through various retailers. They may be used in targeted markets selectively and are mostly used in markets where competition for prices is high. They may also be used as a way of discriminating prices for certain products but only those consumers who are conscious of prices may claim the tickets, enabling them to get prices which are low. The coupons are normally used as a way of keeping hold of the customers who may be tempted to move for other products.

There are a number of coupons that are available offered by different manufacturers to different categories of consumers. One of these types of coupons is printable coupons.

There have been a number of good printable coupons that are available in the market for both non food products and food products. Many of the manufacturers or retailers mostly offer coupons at the beginning of a month while some give consumers new coupons for the whole month.

Tips for Printable Coupons

The first step is for you to create an email account to use on the sites of coupon and for samples and online freebies. Most sites for printable coupons require you open an account with them to start receiving emails and be able to print the various coupons. There are lots of platforms on which you can open an email account on like Google, hot mail or Yahoo and they will help you not to clog up the email account you use as your main account. Most sites that provide printable coupons allow you to print a maximum of two coupons per month.

Once you get your coupon printed, you can then proceed to use it in any of the indicated stores. In case your coupon fails to scan during registration, ask the person responsible with scanning to try using a hand scanner. The coupon may fail to register as the new bar codes used to scan the coupon may not be scan on the normal flat scanners but work when registered under a hand scanner. Always have it in mind that incase the printable coupons fail to scan, the store management has the right of either referring you to another branch or even refuse it.

Printable Coupon Photocopy

Photocopying a printable coupon is prohibited and may be considered as fraud . A coupon is tracked individually and the printable sites may usually be able to tell incase multiple copies of a coupon are made and at times the computer that was used to produce the multiple copies IP address be tracked. However, most of the sites that provide the printable coupons have a way of controlling consumers from printing multiple copies though incase it is not there, it is advisable not to produce a number of the coupons from the a single coupon or even photocopy as it may be against the set policies of the manufacturer and may lead to the cancellation of your coupon.

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